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Greetings and welcome!

   My name is Vlad, I'm a Captain (Master Mariner). I live in Novorossiysk, Russia. The city is situated on Black sea coast. I work on tankers - from small
chemical up to VLCC.

   Once I recognized, that I have friends and readers who do not understand Russian.
   Yes, visitors' map in right sidebar shows, that blog visitors are from worldwide. But mostly they are my marine friends and colleagues, also ex-USSR people, who became now citizens of other countries.
   Time to time I visit English-speaking segment of LiveJournal, also I'm member of a few US communities, where I can post my articles and exchange with comments in English.
   And when one my journal-friend from USA ended our relationship and said: "I'm tired just look at the pictures in your journal, but I do not understand your texts in Cyrillic".
   So, I checked more carefully my circle of friends and readers and found that really there are people, who do not understand Russian.
   And I started to add English texts to some my posts, just for my foreign friends. These topics are under cut, indicated "English text". Also these posts have additional tag.
   I have a plan to add English translation to my old posts, which I consider could be interesting. So you're welcome to return here back to read new/ old posts.
   For your convenience, here is link to all posts with English translation. Just click button below......

English Posts

   Also, please kindly note, on left side bottom of each page you will see white coloured link "Предыдущие 10" - it means "Previous 10 records".

   There's free Google service which allow to read full blog in English, including comments. Even my English speaking friends said, that some translations not easy to understand due to incorrect gramma of auto-translation, but mostly you can get imagination what it is about.
   You can try by clicking below banner.
My blog in English
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