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Капитан Влад Никольский

Помогите животным!


    Мой пудель Элтон состоит в организации защиты животных PETA (Peple For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals) и периодически получает на свою почту просьбы принять участие в сборе подписей и подать свой голос против издеательств над животными.
   Вот и сегодня пришло такое письмо с просьбой проголосовать против ШОКИРУЮЩИХ экспериментов над животными в университете штата Юта.
   Приведена фотография кота по имени Роберт, кому непонятно что с ним сделали - текст под катом (полученное Элтоном письмо). Кто не волокёт в английском, можно перевести онлайн, например через Google.
   Проголосовать против подобных издевательств можно здесь:
   там надо указать своё имя и e-mail.
   Список всех протестных акций PETA, кто желает подписать ещё обращения здесь:

Dear Elthon,

For most people, the sale of cats and dogs from animal shelters for use in laboratories seems like a barbaric practice from the distant past—as it should be. Shockingly, in some states homeless animals are still purchased from shelters and then used in cruel and painful experiments, even at seemingly reputable universities. PETA's newest investigation goes undercover inside the University of Utah to reveal the school's shocking experiments on homeless animals.

One of these animals was an affectionate orange tabby cat named Robert.  University of Utah experimenters drilled a hole into his skull and implanted electrodes in his brain in order to run an electric current through it. The university also paid a shelter $20 for a skinny black-and-tan German shepherd mix named Lady. Lady's neck was cut open and a medical device was implanted as part of a cruel heart experiment. Kittens born to a cat purchased from a shelter had chemicals injected into their brains. All the kittens died during the course of the experiment. 

In other experiments, mice were given enormous tumors and monkeys had holes drilled into their skulls. These monkeys were also kept constantly thirsty so that they would "cooperate" with experimenters in exchange for a few drops of water. These are just a few examples of the many instances of cruelty documented by PETA's undercover investigator at the University of Utah.

PETA is taking swift action by filing formal complaints with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the National Institutes of Health alleging violations of federal law and noncompliance with federally mandated guidelines. We are also filing a criminal complaint with local law-enforcement officials. However, as long as any university or company continues to blind, poison, maim, torture, and kill animals, our job isn't done. PETA—and supporters like you—are often the only hope for these animals.

Please be a voice for the animals suffering in laboratories at the University of Utah. Urge the university to end the use of animals from shelters in its laboratories.

Thank you for speaking out for animals in laboratories. Your voice makes a difference to the countless helpless animals who have no voice.

Very truly yours,

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Увы, но ссылки не работают

Первая ссылка что-то тормозит, а вторая работает, только что проверил. Там список всех акций голосования, плюс кнопочка NEXT

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